Zipper and Stent Newsletter

The Zipper and Stent Group is a support group for people who have experienced a cardiac event. As a dietitian closely affiliated with the group, I contribute to their tri monthly newsletter. Click on the links below to read my articles. 

Zipped Newsletter March 2013 - The Low Down on Low GI

Zipped Newsletter December 2012 - Smart Swaps for a Healthy Heart

Zipped Newsletter September 2012 - Gains from Grains

Zipped Newsletter June 2012 - Tackling Sugar Myths

Zipped Newsletter March 2012 - Heart Healthy FAQs

Zipped Newsletter December 2011 - Foods and Ageing

Zipped Newsletter September 2011 - Go for 2 & 5

Zipped Newsletter June 2011 - Choosing Healthy Oils

Zipped Newsletter March 2011 - A Healthy Start for a Healthy Heart

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Fitness First Magazine September/October

The Healthy Food Guide Australia Magazine
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August 2012 'Ask the Experts'

  June 2012 'Ask the Experts'

April 2012 'Ask the Experts'

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